Ignite Tuition Centre

Ignite tuition centre began its operation in 2009 with a simple motivation – to provide patient and dedicated assistance to students and help them develop passion for learning. Today, the centre offers up to 35 classes taught by 25 dedicated tutors. We are also proud to have provided guidance and assistance to over 3000 students who have graduated from the centre and gone on to excel in their respective endeavours.

Our Solutions

With a more established brandname, Ignite was beginning to fill their classes to capacity. They wanted to fully utilize the space to achieve a balance – fully maximizing space efficiency while ensuring students are learning in an optimal environment. Edge Creations then helped to conceptualize and revamp the layout of the tuition centre. We helped to redesign the hallway, with additional rooms on either side, this keeps the rooms cosy with a small class size, but with an option to expand the room with a operable wall system. We also helped to sound proof the doors to prevent disturbance. All in all, we helped Ignite to be able to take in an additional 25% more students, while improving learning conditions of their students.


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