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What is it

Linoleum Bulletin Board is an organic material that can be applied in framed or mounted pin boards or directly to the wall. It offers a practical, creative, and simple solution to collect and exchange thoughts and ideas.


Decorative Wall Feature
Featured Surface on Furniture
Framed Bulletin Board
Table Top Bulletin
Acoustic Wall
Notice Board
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Made with 100% natural ingredients, organic composition
Anti-microbial, deterring growth of bacteria on surface
Flexible, can be installed directly on curved (& smooth) surfaces
Matt surface with sleek and warm finishing
Antistatic & anti-fingerprint marks
Self-healing – pin holes close after extraction of the pins
Environmental-friendly & sustainable production
Does not attract dust, thus making it a practical solution in classrooms and a hygienic choice in healthcare environments where ‘get-well’ messages can be pinned behind the bed

Endless Creations, Decorative Solutions

Forbo Linoleum Bulletin Board is supplied in rolls of up to 28 metres long and 1.22 metres wide, making it suitable for large installation in for example conference rooms or alongside corridors. It is flexible and easy to cut, combine and handle, which allows you to create functional wall decorations with enchanting decorative effects.

Furniture Cladding & Framed Bulletin

Framed Bulletin Boards can be made in single colour or in multi-colour combinations as a decorative feature. It can also be cladded as functional information carriers on separation (partition) walls as well as upholstery or featured surface for furniture.

Installation & Maintenance

Forbo Linoleum Bulletin Board can be installed directly on the wall, or as a framed bulletin board, notice board or panel for furniture workstations and partitions.

Download the Linoleum Bulletin Board Installation & Maintenance Guide, Technical Specifications, and E-Brochure:

Colour Chart

2206 Oyster Shell

2213 Baby Lettuce

2162 Duck Egg

2204 Poppy Seed

2187 Brown Rice

2211 Tangerine Zest

2166 Nutmeg Spice

2209 Black Olive

2186 Blanched Almonds

2182 Potato Skin

2207 Cinnamon Bark

2214 Blue Berry

2122 Fresh Pineapple

2208 Mushroom Medley

2210 Hot Salsa

Note: Pictures and Virtual Room set up is only for illustration purposes and may not represent actual color on your monitor or mobile device due to the difference in screen technology used. Feel free to request samples from us prior to specification.